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One of the things that you need to attend to when putting up a home based business is creating your own office. You need to find a space in your house that is big enough for the kind of office that you need. Make sure that you design it in such a way that your movements will not be restricted. If you have one or two employees that will be working in the same office, make sure that the space that you have can accommodate all of you. Choose your office furniture carefully. If you plan on inviting clients in your office, make sure that you have sofa or chairs where you can accommodate your guests. Having a properly designed office allows you to be productive. This is why it is important that you invest in office furniture such as office lockers where you can keep all your files or office supplies organized. A sturdy locker that can be placed in the corner can be used to store all your office supplies, file, and documents.

Are you a big NBA fan? Do you follow updates on your favorite team? Do you keep track on which players get traded with whom or who may not be able to play well because of a recurring injury? If you think you can predict the outcome of your favorite NBA games and you want to earn something extra in the process, you can consider participating in sports betting. There are websites that deals with sports bet in most popular sports including basketball. Find a legitimate sports betting website and see how you can earn from your ability to predict the outcome of the games. It would be best if you familiarize yourself with their rules and regulations and their eligibility requirements. Find out if there are any legal issues concerning restrictions in certain areas or states. It can be something that you can do for fun or something that you want to be an extra source of income.

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